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Crane Buckets

The APEX Crane Dumping Bucket standard models can safely handle capacities up to 8,000 lbs. The body of the bucket is constructed of hot rolled mild steel and reinforced in critical areas and 100% mig welded for strength. The bucket design permits easy dumping by releasing the lever. The weight of the loaded material rolls the bucket forward dumping the load. The smooth bucket interior assures clean, complete dumping of the materials; the bucket weight distribution then causes the empty bucket to return to the upright position and lock automatically – ready for refilling. A spring loaded handle lock prevents premature dumping.

Common applications: Steel Mills, Foundry, Machine Shops, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Manufacturing, Construction, & more.

Features & Options


  • Flame cut cross members available in standard loop or A-Frame
    design as needed for specific application to maintain safety in all

  • Bucket lifting assemblies consist of flame cut high strength A-36
    grade steel, Cold Finish Round Pivot Pins & ¾” wall tubular

  • Inside and outside re-enforcements using structural and formed
    steel angles & flat bar at all critical areas to provide strength.

Apex offers additional sizes to custom fit the needed application. Please inquire about what we can fabricate for you today.


  • Lanyard release cables

  • Lids of Various Styles

  • Casters

  • Quick change U-Bolt caster pads

  • Fork Pockets for transporting

  • Drains, fittings & valves

  • Paint Color Options

  • Stainless Steel Bucket Options

Click for Crane Bucket Models and Dimensions 

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