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Product Applications & Safety

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At APEX, we provide the highest quality self dumping hoppers, overhead crane dumping buckets, and rollover, stackable bulk bins for both individuals and businesses with access to a forklift or overhead crane.

APEX is intent on delivering only the safest and most durable tools for transporting your materials. Our buckets, hoppers and bins are all made with precision by our experienced professionals, and we can even custom-make models to match your unique needs. To accomplish this, we offer close communication and direct customer service so we can be sure of providing you with the best possible product. 

Anyone who needs to transport materials with a crane or forklift is able to use our quality products, and we provide service for a wide variety of industries that all handle bulk items on a daily basis. For example, bulk materials are collected, stored and then transported in our hoppers to a location where they are dumped by a simple, one-person operation, saving on labor and production costs. 

We service companies that work in construction, wood, scrap metal, manufacturing, automotive and glass, as well as machine shops, foundries, steel mills, waste water treatment plants, recycling plants and many more.

We have experience working directly with all of these industries, so you can rest assured that no matter what project you're currently working on, our professionals are fully equipped to provide the specialized tools you need. If you have particular concerns or requests, you can work with our experts to craft a product that will meet your specific needs. Our customers are our number one priority, so we'll always go the extra mile. 

At APEX, we take pride in our work, and we know you do too. Contact us today so we can help execute your business or project plan in the most efficient way possible. 


At APEX, your safety is our number one priority. We know firsthand that transporting and dumping thousands of pounds of material is a dangerous endeavor, and that's why we've made it our business to create strong, quality models that feature the latest in safety technology and design. You can trust APEX products to deliver and dump safely, quickly and without any unpleasant operational surprises. 

We have professionally and exhaustively tested all of our models to ensure they stand up to safe, repeated use. Our models are the strongest, most well-built ones that are currently on the market, and can definitely transport the weights we've specified on our website. So if you have bulk transporting needs, APEX is a safe option to turn to, because you'll know exactly what you're getting.


To guarantee that the models will carry the necessary weight without a problem, our experienced, professional welders use both inside and outside reinforcements during the building process. They create and install structural and formed steel angles and flat bars at all the critical pressure areas to provide the ultimate strength and stability. You have our word that our products are 100 percent mig welded and fabricated with only the highest quality materials to deliver you the highest quality models.

APEX is extremely sensitive to your feedback, and we can create safe, customized options that will expressly meet your goals. We can provide a lanyard release assembly for our models as a great option for maximizing your safety on the job, and all of our containers are designed for material handling so you can operate your business in the most safe and productive way, rather than using drums or makeshift boxes. Additionally, all of our models are painted with bright yellow industrial enamel paint by default, in order to provide clear visibility to nearby employees when in motion. If you would like us to use another color, you can certainly contact us, but we do recommend the yellow as an easy way to add an extra layer of safety for even the most veteran of your employees.

Our engineers have developed this line of models using the most advanced safety technology available, and we would love to talk to you about all of your options for creating a safe work environment for employees. For instance, our crane bucket includes a spring loaded locking mechanism that prevents premature dumping and allows employees to safely transport materials in a clean and complete manner. APEX takes the guess-work out of bulk handling. When you're dealing with people's safety, it's not enough to build a "pretty safe" product. That's why our professional team puts in so much work every day to make sure that each model is the best possible version we can make it.

The APEX line of hoppers also come with a unique, originally fashioned E-Z Release handle that makes dumping practically effortless and extremely efficient. The handle is a one-motion operation that does not require employees to lift a safety latch, making the process streamlined, fast and entirely predictable.


All of our models will arrive with operating instructions affixed to the container, advising employees on the most efficient ways to work with the units. As the experts on our own products, we believe it's our responsibility to fully equip you to have the best experience possible with your new model. This begins with the creation of high quality, efficient and safe tools, and ends with our inclusion of specific safety instructions to facilitate your best workday yet.

Don't place your employees at risk with sub-par products. Choose APEX to meet your needs safely and efficiently.

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