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At APEX BULK HANDLERS, we provide the highest quality self dumping hoppers, overhead crane dumping buckets, and rollover, stackable bulk bins for both individuals and businesses with access to a forklift or overhead crane.

APEX is intent on delivering only the safest and most durable tools for transporting your materials. Our buckets, hoppers and bins are all made with precision by our experienced professionals, and we can even custom-make models to match your unique needs. To accomplish this, we offer close communication and direct customer service so we can be sure of providing you with the best possible product. 

Anyone who needs to transport materials with a crane or forklift is able to use our quality products, and we provide service for a wide variety of industries that all handle bulk items on a daily basis. For example, bulk materials are collected, stored and then transported in our hoppers to a location where they are dumped by a simple, one-person operation, saving on labor and production costs. 

We service companies that work in construction, wood, scrap metal, manufacturing, automotive and glass, as well as machine shops, foundries, steel mills, waste water treatment plants, recycling plants and many more.

We have experience working directly with all of these industries, so you can rest assured that no matter what project you're currently working on, our professionals are fully equipped to provide the specialized tools you need. If you have particular concerns or requests, you can work with our experts to craft a product that will meet your specific needs. Our customers are our number one priority, so we'll always go the extra mile. 

At APEX, we take pride in our work, and we know you do too. Contact us today so we can help execute your business or project plan in the most efficient way possible. 

Our History


Apex Welding and Fabrication Inc. was established in 1946 in Cleveland Ohio, designing and producing custom steel fabrications for a variety of applications. On the shores of Lake Erie, Apex once cut a steel ship in half to increase its length.

In the nineteen fifties, Apex designed and manufactured the Overhead Crane Dumping Bucket that became a standard product still sold today. The Apex Self Dumping Lift Truck Hopper was added to the product line in the early sixties.

The hopper’s quick success led the company to focus on the material handling industry. Apex soon expanded the product line by adding the drop-bottom Multi-Dump Bucket (for crane or lift truck use), and the Bulk Bin (also for crane or lift truck use).

Eventually, most of the custom fabrication was eliminated. However, that expert custom work experience allowed Apex to offer special sizes, when an “off-the-shelf” standard product size did not fit the customer’s particular application.

Apex is proud of its history which built a strong foundation for today’s success. Offering quality products and outstanding service to thousands of customers in the U.S. and beyond is our ongoing commitment.

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