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The APEX heavy duty line of hoppers can safely handle capacities of up to 8,000 lbs. Our unique E-Z Release handle allows dumping to be safe, effortless, and quick. The flame cut rocker design provides a stronger more durable hopper as opposed to a press fit, welded pins, or rivet style multi-piece assembly. The heavy duty hopper is available in standard sizes from 1/4 cubic yard through 5 cubic yards. Apex is the leader in custom designs and will modify any standard hopper to fit your application.

Common applications: all types of bulk material such as scrap steel, glass, stampings, sawdust, rubber, coal, ash, various aggregates, construction debris, solid waste, grit & screenings & hundreds more.

Features & Options


  • Hopper bodies are made of 7-gauge & ¼” mild carbon steel, and the bases are made from ¼” plate. Thicker gauges available.

  • Flame cut rocker system providing high strength and wear resistance for long life and dependable service.

  • Flame cut stops & structural angle reinforcements.

  • Structural angles and channels are used to provide better durability versus formed steel

  • Continuous welding inside the bucket provides greater strength in critical areas.

  • The hoppers top four corners are fitted stampings providing a smooth surface for safe handling.

  • Bright yellow industrial enamel paint provides better visibility to nearby employees when the hopper is in motion.

  • Hoppers are stackable up to 2 cubic yard models.



  • Caster mounted bases

  • Lanyard release cables

  • Hinged two piece lids

  • Retaining chains

  • 3-way entry bases

  • Drains, fittings & valves

  • Paint Color Options

  • Hot Dipped Galvanizing

  • Stainless Steel Available

  • Vacuum style lids with gaskets, collars, inlet & outlet pipes & baffles

Click for Hopper Models and Dimensions

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